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GBC - Auto+ Hands Free Paper Shredder



About GBC®

In 1947, William N. Lane and two partners founded General Binding  Corporation (GBC) to meet the binding equipment needs of Chicago’s many  printers. The company quickly took off and introduced the Combo comb  binding machine in 1960 to make mechanical binding accessible to the  masses. A few years later, in 1966, the tabletop laminator was  introduced to make laminating more accessible as well. GBC continued to  innovate and grow by launching a shredder business in 1973 and expanding  into visual communication in 1996. Throughout the years, GBC has  succeeded in improving binding and laminating to offer a variety of  quick, easy and complete document finishing solutions to meet all  business needs.

GBC merged with ACCO Brands in 2005 to become part of the world’s  largest supplier of branded office products, consumer products and print  finishing solutions.  ACCO markets products in more than 100 countries  around the world through an internal sales force and numerous  distribution networks.  The company has a long history of industry  leadership and innovation and is focused on delivering products of  exceptional value.  Widely recognised ACCO Brands include AT-A-GLANCE®,  Day-Timer®, Five Star®, Hilroy®, Kensington®, Mead®, NOBO®, Quartet®,  Rexel®, Swingline®, Tilibra®, Wilson Jones® and many others. Please  visit for more information. 



Derwent has a long and distinguished heritage, stretching back to the  discovery of graphite in the Borrowdale area in the early 1500s.  Our  pencils have been made in Cumbria since 1832 and generations of local  craftsmen have used their unique skills to perfect the art of pencil  making. We are very proud of our heritage because it has made us who we  are today. The expertise we have gained over so many years has enabled  us to develop the finest range of art materials in the world and we're  even more proud of that.

Derwent also has a reputation for innovation. From the classic ranges  of Artists, Graphic and Watercolour to exciting introductions such as  Graphitint, Aquatone and Tinted Charcoal, Derwent has been inspiring  artists worldwide for many years and continues to do so.


Drawn to Perfection

Trusens - Air purifier reimagined

 Air Purifiers with Sensor Pods 

Unboxing 2019 - TruSens Advanced Air Purifier



About Kensington®

Kensington is a leader in desktop and mobile device accessories,  trusted by organizations around the world for nearly 35 years.  Kensington products empower people to be more productive and create  content at the highest levels. In both desktop and mobile environments,  Kensington’s extensive lineup of award-winning products provide trusted  security, desktop productivity innovations, and ergonomic well-being.

Kensington is also the inventor and worldwide leader in laptop  security locks, the acknowledged leader of Trackball innovation and  offers a broad range of premium-branded desktop productivity  solutions. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Kensington operates  as the Computer Products Group of ACCO Brands (NYSE: ACCO), a world  leader in branded office products, with products marketed in more than  100 countries across the globe.

Our tradition holds us to high-quality standards for development. Our  commitment to our customers means that the details matter. Our core  competencies in engineering, industrial design, product quality, and  responsive tech support make Kensington: 


Engineering — Design for Compatibility

We look for common platform opportunities to ensure compatibility  wherever possible. Across the Kensington product portfolio, systems and  hardware, we design to make things work well together.

Industrial Design — Every Product Is Professional Grade

Our Industrial Design team creates professional-grade products that  can survive in business applications, and that fits in seamlessly to  productivity environments. This means you’ll look like, and feel like, a  professional when using Kensington products.

Product — Details that Matter

Whether it is a complex or simple product, we care about the  details. We strive to ensure all our products have that extra ingredient  or feature to make our product that much better. 

Tech Support — If You’re Working, So Are We

Support when you need it. Our technical support team understands and  serves professional use cases. Around the globe, every customer is  treated as a professional and gets the benefit of an always-on tech  support team.

Quality — Tested, Proven and Reliable

The Kensington Quality Engineering team has three decades of  experience in high-volume manufacturing of hardware IT products.  Rigorous test cycles help us build great products with robust  components. We test above industry standards. This ensures our end-users  receive a higher-quality product over the long haul.

Kensington - Loptop Locks Pioneer

Why Kensington Computer Locks