Casio LampFree Projector

Laser and LED Light Source Technology


Core Models

Gandamar Casio Projector's Core Series

Simple model with the ultimate TCO performance.

Green Slim Models

Gandamar Casio Projector's Slim Series

Innovative mobile styling,featuring a slim 43mm case,A4 document size and light 23kg weight.

Ultra Short-Throw Models

Gandamar Casio Projector's Ultra Short Throw Series

This ultra short-throw projector that fits in anywhere operates in environments across the range from classrooms to conference halls.

Casio Projectors


Core Series


Lumens 3,000

For small and medium-sized rooms. An ideal replacement projector offering outstanding low total cost of ownership. Affordable and lamp free, Core Series projectors are eco-friendly, consume less power and deliver impactful presentations over a 20,000-hour lifespan.


Slim Series


Lumens 2,500

For business presentations on the go.
An industry leading 2x Optical Power Zoom means the Slim Series can also replace almost any
installed projector without relocating the ceiling brackets.


Short Throw/Interactive Projectors


Lumens 3,100

Great for classrooms and challenging spaces such as meeting rooms.
Eliminates shadows on the screen to allow for more creative and engaging presentations.

Casio Projectors


Quick startup & shutdown time (Instant ON & OFF)

  • 5 seconds startup time
  • No cooldown required before restarting
  • Immediate projection improves presentation efficiency
  • Efficient power ON/OFF ability saves electricity

Vertical & Horizontal Keystone Correction

  • Corrects both vertically and horizontally misaligned images (+/-5%)
  • Gives a perfectly squared fit on screens
  • Overcome installation challenges with keystone correction

Go Lamp Free

No Lamp Replacement


Up to 50% Power Savings


No Filter, Dust Resistant


Made In Japan


Dust resistance ensuring stable long-term operation

  • Original dust-resistant structure prevents dust from entering the optical engine section
  • Dust-proof shield guards internal parts
  • Filter in the air intake vent adds further dust resistance
  • Reduce periodic cleaning and degradation of projection brightness
  • Enables long-term stable operation in dusty environments