Vivitek Qumi Z1H

Introducing Qumi Z1H

Vivitek Projector


Portable Projector

Extreme Short-throw

Portable Projector

Portability and versatility. Vivitek’s mobile line of projectors packs in a ton of features in small packages, and is ready to be used with various devices. Share and enhance your mobile lifestyle. 


Full HD Projector

Extreme Short-throw

Portable Projector

It features DLP® and BrilliantColor™ technologies to display distinct, vibrant images in a widescreen format.


Extreme Short-throw

Extreme Short-throw

Extreme Short-throw

 Short throw and extreme short throw projectors enable users to bring big, breathtaking images into small, intimate spaces, without any obstructing shadows from presenters. Requiring only minimal distance from a screen to operate, these projectors are perfect for cozy home theaters and classrooms. 

Vivitek Qumi Z1H


Showcasing the Vivitek Qumi Z1H Portable Speaker Projector


Vivitek - Novo Display


NovoTouch LK Series

NovoTouch is a powerful all-in-one touch display that is ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies. Equipped with Vivitek’s NovoConnect, it provides wireless screen sharing from any device. NovoTouch facilitates group work with its whiteboard annotation features and NT live screen to duplicate the screen and multiple NovoTouch displays. 


NovoTouch EK Series for Education


Vivitek’s all-on-one NovoTouch EK Series for Education offers full-featured interactive touch displays that have been designed to fit the budget-conscious education sector.

Intuitive NovoConnect wireless screen sharing, whiteboard & collaboration features and NovoDS digital signage to create announcement boards are included.


All-in-One NovoDisplay


Designed for huddle rooms and offices, NovoDisplay is essential for transforming conventional group meetings into a welcoming and engaging team discussion and brainstorming session. 

Novo All-in-one Display

Novo Touch

All-in-one Touch Smart Board